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Podcast #797: DTS Virtual:X

DTS Virtual:X bridges the gap between the DTS:X codec and the reality of so many consumer's homes, allowing everyone to enjoy multi-dimensional sound regardless of room size, layout, or speaker configuration.

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Podcast #747: Samsung HW-K450 Soundbar Review

Braden recently upgraded some of the gear in his loft because his boys were demanding a 4k television. There’s something to be said about raising a new generation of home theater enthusiasts, especially when they can help you gang up on the finance committee. They were approved for the purchase of a Vizio E70u-d3, but since we’ve already reviewed the Vizio P702ui-B3, we’ll skip the TV review and talk about what the boys decided to buy to upgrade sound in their loft, the Samsung HW-K450 Soundbar.

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Podcast #720: Home Theater Predictions for 2016

Time for the HT Guys to look into our crystal ball and try and predict the HDTV and Home Theater landscape for 2016. Our crystal ball is never as clears as a good HDTV but we give it a shot nonetheless.

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Podcast #428: Aperion Audio SLIMstage30 by Soundmatters

The HT Guys love simplicity and sound bars are exactly that, simple to setup and use. Today we take a look at a new entrant into the field, the Aperion Audio SLIMstage 30 (Street Price $799). Sound bars are great solutions for small rooms, bedrooms, or dens. The SLIMstage 30 is sleek, compact, and when using the Bravus 8A subwoofer, a powerful sound system. If you already have a subwoofer you can save $200 by ordering the same system without the 8A. Each version comes with mounting brackets in case you want to attach the sound bar to the wall just below or above your flat panel TV.

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Podcast #417: ZVOX 575 Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System

We understand that many of our listeners don't have the space for a full blown home theater system. However, those same listeners don't necessarily want to listen to their movies through the TVs tiny speakers. For them a single unit solution is what the doctor ordered. The ZVOX 575 (Buy Now $699) is such a system that takes all of 10 minutes to un-box and start enjoying fuller richer sound from your home theater.

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