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Podcast #746: The THX Story

On today’s show we discuss THX, the history and what it means to you and your home theater, with David Kroll Global CI Product manager for KEF.

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Podcast #745: ViewSonic PJD5255 DLP Projector Review

We typically have some sort of backyard or outdoor theater discussion every summer when the weather is nice and we’d all like to take our movie watching to the great outdoors. We’ll probably do a more in-depth feature on the topic later in the summer, but as luck would have it, we found ourselves as the proud owners of a new ViewSonic PJD5255 DLP Projector ($339), a perfect backyard theater projector. But it’s good for much more than just outside, so you can even use it during the cold or rainy season.

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Podcast #744: Hi-Res Symposium 2016

Representatives from Universal Music Group, The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing and Sony Electronics met recently to underscore the variety of marketing and educational programs that are currently underway to promote the benefits of Hi- Res Audio devices, content and services to a broader audience.

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Podcast #743: 2015-2016 TV Season Winners and Losers

This week Ara and his daughter Stephanie discuss the winners and losers of the 2015- 2016 TV Season.

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Podcast #742: Father's Day Wish List

We start of with a discussion of Gadget Review's Best Soundbars of 2016. That takes us into a discussion on Apple and more rumors of them "cracking the code" with the Apple TV. Then it's on to our wishlist for Father's Day. If our kids are listening, we're making it really easy for you this year.

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Podcast #741: SVS Soundpath and Google I/O 2016

Google has dabbled in the Home Theater and Home Automation arenas for quite a while - going all the way back to the Logitech Revue and Google TV in 2010, and there were a few devices before that failed experiment as well (review in Episode 452). Even with the success of the Chromecast, it still feels like Google is just toying with us, but that all may change soon. Some of the announcements out of this year’s Google I/O conference are pretty exciting, and very promising. Plus, they have something called Project Ara - how can we not talk about that?

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