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Podcast #797: DTS Virtual:X

DTS Virtual:X bridges the gap between the DTS:X codec and the reality of so many consumer's homes, allowing everyone to enjoy multi-dimensional sound regardless of room size, layout, or speaker configuration.

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Podcast #751: The History of Format Wars

There are seven top smart home trends for 2016, but they're more fun when you combine them. Maybe. And would it be possible for Apple to start a home audio revolution, just by making one small change to the iPhone? It might be possible, but we'd need to take a look major format wars through the years and analyze Sony's sneaky involvement in each. The two may be unrelated, but we can tackle them both in the same episode.

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Podcast #487: Next Generation Audio

We received a few emails of late asking why there are more Blu-ray titles being released with DTS-HD Master Audio vs Dolby True HD. So we thought we’d take a look at the formats and see if we could determine why.

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