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Podcast #829: Five Reasons to Automate Your Home

The HT Guys have been singing the praises of home automation for about ten years now. It starts slow with one device and then quickly becomes an obsession. But it's the one thing that we have added to our homes that gets no pushback from family members. So if you are thinking about going down the home automation rabbit hole and are looking for a way to justify it, we have you covered. This is our list of five reasons to automate your home.

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Podcast #805: Surround Sound and (almost) Free Movies

We realized recently how much we used to talk about surround sound, why it matters, why people should really spring for it if they don't have it. But we don't much anymore. We just assume everyone has it or everyone knows about it now. But if you don't, you really should. You don't know what you're missing until you try it.

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