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Podcast #784: Invention Roundup

From time to time we talk about new ideas we’ve come across on some of the crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Some we happen upon ourselves, some we get alerted to by listener emails, tweets, etc. But these sites are literal treasure troves of inventions and predictions of what our homes, our home theaters and our lives may look like in a few years. Instead of just waiting for one of these ideas to come across our desks, we decided to do some digging to find out what the inventors of today are working on to provide a better future for the rest of us. In some cases a future that’s starting to resemble Science Fiction or the Jetsons.

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Podcast #762: Vudu Movies on Us

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t think Netflix totally changed the game in home entertainment. First, with the unlimited DVD rentals for a small monthly fee. They essentially ended the video store business. Then, with the shift into unlimited streaming movies, anywhere, anytime, again for a small monthly fee. It has changed the way most of us watch movies, and in some cases, television series. They’ve been so succesful, others, like Amazon, have tried to copy their model. But you can’t be king forever. Someone will eventually come along with a different game changer and dethrone you.

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Podcast #691: 4DX: The Savior of Cinema?

Movie theaters are faltering, at least in our opinion. The large format home theater has reached a price point where it is attainable for many of us. And TVs are so big, you can practically create a large format home theater with just an LCD TV. No need for a projector or a screen or the hassle of running wires to the back of the room. And if anyone can have a huge home theater, what’s the allure of the traditional movie theater?

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Podcast #656: Movie Theaters Enter the Fourth Dimension

It will come as no surprise that the HT Guys will opt to wait for the Blu-ray version of popular movies so that we can enjoy them in the comfort of our own homes. We know that we are not alone, many of our listeners are doing the same. As our hobby grows, people are setting up relatively inexpensive home theaters that provide a quite enjoyable experience. Others will spend a little more money and create an experience that rivals what you get in the cinema.

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Podcast #553: New Boxee, Cloud DVR and Superhero Movies

Cord cutters rejoice, the new $99 Boxee will delight and amaze you, and it is a much more normal size and shape. One unique feature of the new Boxee is cloud storage for all your saved DVR content, we're not convinced this is as good as it sounds on paper. And if Sci-fi movies aren't your thing, we close out today with a discussion of Superhero movies.

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