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Podcast #780: Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat and Other Topics

A wide and varied range of topics for this week. First we'll discuss what came out of the ATSC Summit at the annual Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat. Then we talk about the potential for a resurgence of domestic US Television manufacturing. Reality or pipe dream? Then a great deal on a bias lighting kit from Amazon.

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Podcast #760: ATSC 3.0

In the United States and a few other parts of the globe, the standard that defines how digital television transmissions work over terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasts is called ATSC, named after the Advanced Television Systems Committee. ATSC 1.0 is in use now as the current standard, adopted by the FCC in 1996. But the committee is actively working on the next generation of broadcast standards and has released both 2.0 and 3.0 versions - neither of which are actually in use yet. Some feel that ATSC 3.0 may leapfrog 2.0 and make it obsolete before it even gets any serious mileage on it.

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Podcast #682: Next Generation Broadcast TV

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have their year meeting in Las Vegas in the Spring every year. When we worked for Sony Pictures we would get excited about going and demonstrating the gear we were developing as well as seeing what other companies were showing off. It was not quite as hectic as CES but it was still a great time. Nowadays we are a little more focused on what we take away from the NAB show. In particular of interest this year is the ATSC 3.0 specification. This year there will be some demos of the technology.

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Podcast #659: ATSC 3.0, Google Nexus Player and Movies for Halloween

No tricks, just treats. A special Halloween episode full of everything you want in your bag; even better than candy. From the promise of Ultra HD over the air with ATSC 3.0 to the next, or yet again, entry into the set top market from Google. And if that isn't enough, we also have a great list of movies for those looking for something to do after the kids are done knocking on your door this Halloween. Grab a tootsie roll, sit back, and enjoy.

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Podcast #640: ATSC 2.0: Over the Air gets Better... But is it too late?

Before there was HDTV there was NTSC (National Television System Committee) or, as it was known by most people today, standard definition. That was the standard developed in 1941 and was in effect until it was superseded by ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) which brought us high definition television - which in turn gave rise to this podcast!

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Podcast #474: Mobile DTV

According to the Open Mobile Video Coalition, Mobile Digital Television, or Mobile DTV, will be available in 71 million homes in the US in the next 12 months.  That equates to roughly two-thirds of all US households by this time next year.  With that almost instant market penetration, we’re bound to see some shifts in HDTV, home theater and certainly consumer electronics.

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