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Podcast #780: Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat and Other Topics

A wide and varied range of topics for this week. First we'll discuss what came out of the ATSC Summit at the annual Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat. Then we talk about the potential for a resurgence of domestic US Television manufacturing. Reality or pipe dream? Then a great deal on a bias lighting kit from Amazon.

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Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat

Read the full article here.


  • ATSC seminar consisted of multiple panels of experts discussing a wide range of topics
  • Covered the basics of what ATSC 3.0 can do (Ultra HD support, name your frame rate up to 120 fps, high dynamic range, wide color gamut, object audio, personalization and scalability)
  • Receivers are in the works. Some interesting concepts like LG’s ATSC3.0 to WiFi gateway
  • Using Interactivity to enable more ads. Awesome.
  • Drew analogies to HbbTV in Europe. Again more talk about advertising.
  • Content production: more possibilities on what can be done: object oriented audio, changing video settings (frame rate, etc) as a plot device, and interactivity
  • London Olympics content “portal” an awesome idea


Article Excerpt...

ATSC seminar at the Hollywood Post Alliance Retreat, held annually in Coachella Valley. ATSC 3.0, colloquially known as the “next-generation” broadcast transmission standard, is rounding the final corner of development and could be completed as soon as the second quarter of this year, according to Madeleine Noland of LG. Noland, whose work on 3.0 earned her the Bernard J. Lechner Award, highest accolade of the Advanced Television Systems Committee, said the standard is 80 to 85 percent complete.


HDTV Expert - Turn Back The Clock?

Read the full article here.


  • Sharp parent Hon Hai considering building LCD panel facility in the US
  • Only interested if the US will donate the land (charge $1 for it)
  • Sharp getting ready to break ground on a Gen 10 LCD fab in China for $8.69B. proposed U.S. LCD fab should be similar size and same generation
  • But… LCD factories are mostly automated so there wouldn’t be all that many permanent jobs created once construction is completed. And many of the permanent jobs will likely require college degrees in the sciences (physics, engineering, and chemistry).
  • The biggest obstacle to building the plant will be the finished cost of the panels


Article Excerpt...

A recent story in the Nikkei Asian Review states that Hon Hai Precision Industries – the new parent company of Sharp Electronics – is considering building an LCD panel facility in the United States. The finished panels would likely be intended for televisions... In a related story on the Web site, Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou was quoted as saying that he’d consider going ahead with such an investment if “the U.S. is willing to offer land at a cost of US $1 for building the panel plants.” Apparently Apple is also part of the discussion and mentioned as a joint investor.


$10 is all it takes to upgrade any HDTV or monitor with bias lighting

Read the full article here.


Use the promo code GT8OMP06 at checkout and get the Vansky White Bias Lighting Kit for just $9.99, or the Vansky Multi-Color Bias Lighting Kit (you can set it to any color you want) for $11.99. Trust us… you won’t regret it.

Here are some key details from the product page:

  • ALLEVIATES EYE-STRAIN — Adds a Subtle Backlight to Your Monitor, Reducing the Eyestrain Caused by Differences In Picture Brightness From Scene to Scene In Movies, Shows and Games.
  • OPTIMAL VIEWING EXPERIENCE — The Color and Brightness of the LEDs Are Carefully Calibrated, Making Blacks Blacker and Colors More Vibrant.
  • EASY INSTALLATION — The Led Light Strip is 35.4 Inch and Can be Cut With Scissors On the Cut Marks (White Lines) to Fit The Desired Size of Your TV. The USB Cable is 47.5 Inch. Use the 3M Adhesive to Attach to Almost Any Surface, Flexible Strips Bend to Your Desired Positions. Attention: Ensure the Back of Your TV is Free From Dust Before Install to Avoid Falling off.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE — High-brightness 27 LEDs Last Up to 100,000 LED Lighting Hours.
  • WHAT YOU GET — Vansky Bias Lighting for HDTV With On-Off Button, Spare 3M Adhesive Tap,Spare USB Wall Charger, Together with 45 Days Money Back, One year Guarantee and Friendly, Easy-to-reach Support.






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