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Podcast #813: Whole House Audio, Z-Wave and Smart Speakers

Use the freedom and flexibility of any Bluetooth speaker(s) to create your own, DIY multi-zone audio system. Z-Wave is making installation easier with SmartStart - this may just be the year of home automation. If not, it certainly is the year of the smart speaker, and for some reason October was the month of the big reveal.

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Podcast #733: Home Automation: OpenHAB and OpenRemote

There is this dream we have to be able to automate everything in our homes, but do it ourselves, without hiring an installer, and do it for cheap without breaking the bank. So far we have used a lot of Insteon devices, and tied them into other systems to expand the overall reach of what we could build. Luckily, we aren’t the only ones with this dream and a few open source projects have popped up to help us DIY-ers achieve our dreams.

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