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Podcast #823: Happy Holidays 2017

The HT Guys are officially on Christmas Vacation right now, but that won’t stop us from putting up a new podcast. The HDTV and Home Theater Podcast doesn’t take vacation. It’s not like home theater or the consumer electronics industry takes a break at the end of the year, so how can we? We hope you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones and can cozy up by a nice warm fire and enjoy another installment of the show. Merry Christmas.

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Podcast #787: YouTube TV

Youtube has just entered the IPTV market and if you live in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, or Philadelphia you can sign up today. Like the other IPTV services available you can sign up for only $35 a month with no commitments and you can cancel anytime. Unlike the other services there is only one plan with a few add on channels.

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Podcast #597: Google Chromecast review

There was a lot of buzz a couple weeks back when Google announced the release of a new HDMI device called the Chromecast ($35). We weren’t immune to the curiosity, so we ordered one. The popularity made them tough to get, but when ours finally arrived, we couldn’t wait to see if it would live up to expectations. We’ll admit, we set our own expectations. Google didn’t do much to hype it up. They simply said, here it is, at a very reasonable price, have at it.

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