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DIY Tablet Wall Mount

On this site we mainly talk about technical things like HDTVs, Home Theater, and Home Automation. However for this post we are going old school and want to talk about a wall mount for my iPad that I made our of scrap wood. 

My master bathroom has a spot between the mirrors over both sinks that was crying out for an iPad. We like to put the news on in the morning and let the iPad keep us company as we get ready in the morning. I had some 1X8 boads laying around that were left over from a previous project so I thought I'd get creative.

The first thing I needed to do was make the boards look old. My wife really likes the reclaimed/barn wood look. I beat them with a hammer, scraped them with screws, poked holes in them with nails, painted them and then grinded them down with a grinder. I paid attention to the edges to remove any 90 degree angles. I used wire brush to try and give the wood a weathered look.

You can find actual barn wood for this project that would cost you about $25 to $30. In my case it was free because it was left over from another project. But if I were to buy new boards it would be less than $3. 


I cut three pieces that were about 13 inches long (13"X8", 13"X3", and 13"X2"). I placed the 13"X3" piece on my table top then I glued the 13"X8" piece to one side and the 13"X2" to the other. I clamped them and let the glue dry. A few hours later I drilled a hole on the middle of the rack to snake the power cord through. Then I stained it and finished it with a couple of coats of poly urethane  

I attached some key hole hooks to the back and then put some anchored screws into the drywall and bam! I had a very cool looking iPad (tablet) wall mount fixture that really looks great in the bathroom.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to send me an email ( And if you really want one but don't have tools I can build one for you!




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