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Fall 2009 TV Schedule: Podcast #389

It's that time of year again.  The weather begins to cool, leaves start to change colors, Football is back and we get a bunch of new HDTV shows.  When we were kids we looked forward to Christmas and the first day of summer.  As adults, we look forward to the fall more than anything else.  Some of our favorite shows are coming back with new episodes and we get the opportunity to fill the DVR with brand new series to see what sticks.

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Popular Options for Blu-ray Players: Podcast #388

Now that you can find Blu-ray players at Wal*Mart for less than $150 we thought it would be a good idea to present five slightly more expensive options that you may want to consider. Spending a little more can get you a more capable player that won't feel obsolete by Christmas.

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Football, At Home or Away? Podcast #387

It's football season, and we're ready to watch a serious amount of football. For us, it's one of those things that you miss in the off season, but you don't really realize how much you miss it until it it's back. A recent San Diego Chargers pre-season game was blacked out because they didn't sell enough tickets. To see it live, you've have to attend, which isn't cheap. Is it worth it?

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DIY Whole House Music: Podcast #386

We talked last week about 7 tips for creating an entertaining whole-house audio system.  We talk this week about all the tools and technology you need to build your own.  Of course wireless is the easiest way to get there, we've got all the particulars to get you up and running.

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Who is your favorite Alan Rickman Character


HP MediaSmart Server LX195: Podcast #385

Imagine with me, if you will, a day when a small box no bigger than a standard dictionary will be able to hold as many pictures as you can ever take, as many songs as you could ever listen to and a ton of movies and video as well. That day has come, and HP calls it the MediaSmart Server LX195. We got a chance to play around with one, and really liked it.

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