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Episode #1: AV After Dark - Inaugural Edition

Welcome to this inaugural edition of AV After Dark. This podcast is planned to be a once a month collaboration between the HT Guys and AV Rant. This month we discuss such burning topics as Windows 7 and how un-sucky it is (mostly). Why do Blu-ray players come with composite video cables? Braden has the answer. What is Managed Copy? I'm not sure any of us really knows. The Oppo-83SE - is it for you? Hint - No. Netflix via the PS3 - experiences. Is the Wii really worth it as an exercise device? The guys weigh in. Thanks for listening. You can find AV Rant at their website and the HT Guys right here. We really enjoy these collaborations and hope you do too.

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Podcast #400: Black Friday Preview

On today's show we will discuss the expected Black Friday deals we can all look forward to on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year the cheapest Blu Ray player was $128 and a  50 inch 720p plasma was going for $900. This year the cheapest Blu Ray player comes in at $78 and you can pick up a 50 inch 1080p plasma with a Blu Ray player for $1000. There are so many deals out there we can't talk about all of them.

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Podcast #399: Receiver Buying Guide 2009

The HT Guys buying guides have become an annual tradition, and something that we really look forward to putting together.  Last week we covered TVs, this week we'll do A/V Receivers.  We'll break them down into price categories, just like last year, $500 or less, between $500 and $1000, and greater than $1000. It's become commonplace for receivers to support Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, so we'll be looking for other features to distinguish each unit this time around.

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Podcast #398: HDTV Buying Guide 2009

It's time for our annual HDTV buying guide. Just like last year, we're listing them by size instead of technology. Prices have dropped quite a bit in just 12 months, and there are some really exciting deals available right now. This year the prices for tier one manufacturers are even more affordable. Without further ado, here is the list for 2009:

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Podcast #397: Logitech Squeezebox Radio Review

On Episode 386 we got into the details of Ara's whole house music system based around Airport Express and iTunes.  Braden has a whole house audio system based on Logitech Squeezebox devices and their Squeezbox Server software.  Logitech let us play with a new Squeezebox Radio.  It's pretty cool.

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Podcast #396: HD Fury 2 and Home Automation with Insteon

As Daylight Savings time draws to a close those of us with lights on a timer need to do our bi-annual ritual of readjusting the settings so lights are on when it gets dark. This year Ara decided that he wanted to look into home automation so his lighting could be set once. He decided to go with an Insteon System starter package that included two lamp controllers, one appliance controller, a computer interface, access points for the mesh network, a remote control, and software.

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