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Amazon Introduces Prime Radio Stations

Amazon jumped into music streaming today with Prime Stations. A free service for Amazon Prime subscribers, its very similar to Pandora and iTunes Radio. One big difference is that you are allowed unlimited skips! Pandora and itunes radio limit you to six skips per hour. As I write this I have skipped 12 songs in 10 minutes.


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DIY Desktop Speakers

Here is a quick video documenting my latest journey into the understanding of the art and science of speaker design. I am not an expert but its pretty cool what you can do with a little help from some knowledgeable people!

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Tired of the Cox Communications and iTunes Radio Shuffle?

If you use Cox communications for your Internet access and have been trying to use iTunes Radio you may have noticed that you keep getting the shuffle. It starts like this, you select your station and hit play. Then iTunes Radio on your iPhone, Computer, or AppleTV, just fast skips until it eventually winds up on the same song. There are times that it works and you say, “Oh good Apple got it fixed!” then you get the same shuffle the next time you use iTunes Radio.

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Hulu to become Exclusive Streaming home to CSI

If you are a fan of the original CSI TV series you may be happy about this. Every episode of previous seasons will be available exclusively on Hulu. The episodes will be available in April. Also mentioned in the press release is that Hulu will also soon become the exclusive streaming home to all previous seasons of the CBS crime drama Elementary.

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NBC updates Mobile Apps to Include Live Streaming

... well in certain markets anyway. I just received an update of my NBC app that allows me to watch my local content on the go. The requirements are that I am in my local viewing area, I pay for cable or satellite service from an approved company, and the affiliate must be owned by NBC for your market. This is what the official update says:

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Sign up for Sling TV through Amazon and get $50 off Fire

We are pretty excited about SlingTV and Amazon is just making a good thing even better. If you sign up for the SlingTV service through Amazon you can receive a free Amazon Fire Stick or $50 off the Amazon Fire. SlingTV has no contracts but for this offer you need to subscribe for three months.

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