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Podcast #754: Plex Server on the Nvidia Shield

Since close to the beginning of our podcast, a video server has been high on the HT Guys list of gear that everyone should have in their setups. Back then there was a product that did exactly what we wanted but it cost upwards of $50,000! The Kaleidescape was THE video server we all wanted. It had a great user interface with best looking experience.

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Podcast #686: Dolby Vision

There has been a lot of talk about the HDR content for our new 4K TVs. There have been a lot of questions too. We decided it was best to go to a well respected source for some answers. On this podcast we speak with Roland Vlaicu Vice President of Consumer Imaging at Dolby and we discuss Dolby Vision.

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Podcast #572: iTunes vs Vudu vs Blu-ray

We’ve watched streaming media go from incredibly choppy and blocky to smooth and nearly HD. As bandwidth increases so does the quality of streaming media. You can easily listen to CD quality audio but streaming Blu-ray quality video is a ways off... or is it? We have an interview with Mark Henninger, an AVS Forum “Newsbreaker”, and we discuss a series of articles he wrote where he compares movies on iTunes, Vudu, and Blu-ray.

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Podcast #537: Wiring Up Whole House Video...Or Not

The Mac Mini Video Server project has brought in a steady stream of interested readers over the years. Who wouldn’t want to build their own movie jukebox for a fraction of the cost of a professionally installed movie server? The first thing you notice about the project is how easy it is, the second thing you notice is the cost and the third thing might be the fact that you just aren’t wired up for it.

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Podcast #451: Nixeus Fusion HD Review

We love Media players! So when we we given the opportunity to review yet another player we took it. By the way, with so many players on the market it can become difficult to know all the players. Thanks to a cool spreadsheet that Veronica Belmont got started its a bit easier. Check out the Networked & Set Top Boxes Google spreadsheet. Its like a program for set top boxes!

Dolby Ultimate Home Entertainment Contest

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Podcast #436: Are High End Audio/Video Retailers a Dying Breed?

We all know someone who has to own the absolute best gear on the market. They don't care how much it costs. Whether its a receiver that "reproduces sounds that only dogs can hear" or its the guy who buys the most expensive video processor for his equally expensive projector, we all have stories of friends or acquaintances that match that description.

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