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Podcast #836: Short Throw Projectors

There was a short throw projector on Woot! this week for $999. Not a bad price at all for the potential to have a 100” television in your family room or home theater. That got us thinking… Why aren’t more people using short throw projectors in their homes? Their price per square inch of screen real estate is by far the most cost effective way to get a huge screen at home, and the install and setup is a snap. So what gives? Why aren’t people using them.

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Podcast #756: Home Theater News and Talk

Today is a bit different. We cover current news and events in Home Theater and Home Electronics, but with a twist. Two special guest hosts join one of our regular HT Guys to fill in for a missing HT Guy. Hope you enjoy.

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Podcast #745: ViewSonic PJD5255 DLP Projector Review

We typically have some sort of backyard or outdoor theater discussion every summer when the weather is nice and we’d all like to take our movie watching to the great outdoors. We’ll probably do a more in-depth feature on the topic later in the summer, but as luck would have it, we found ourselves as the proud owners of a new ViewSonic PJD5255 DLP Projector ($339), a perfect backyard theater projector. But it’s good for much more than just outside, so you can even use it during the cold or rainy season.

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Podcast #711: Instant Home Theater in Two Hours or Less

Amazon Prime changed the game. You can have pretty much anything you need, including an entire home theater, delivered to your home in two days or less. And you never have to get off the couch. A recent conversation with a friend who needed a TV and an HDMI cable and had them delivered in an hour using the new Prime Now app got us thinking. What if you wanted an entire home theater delivered to your home within an hour or two? Is that even possible?

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