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Podcast #899: Cord Cutting, New TV Tech and Aereo Back from the Dead?

This week we discuss the top five Cord Cutting Stories to watch for this Summer, look at a new TV technology and bring Aereo back from the dead.

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Cord Cutting, New TV Tech and Aereo Back from the Dead?

This week we discuss the top five Cord Cutting Stories to watch for this Summer, look at a new TV technology and bring Aereo back from the dead.

The Top Five Cord Cutting Stories For the Summer

Sling TV will launch at least two new models: an AirTV 2 - The AirTV 2 looks like an updated version of the black AirTV box and an AirTV player that is a fully powered Android TV player inside a stick/dongle format. According to reports, at least one of these new AirTV players is expected to be announced this month.

Amazon Channels coming to Canada - Amazon has announced plans to roll out its Amazon Channels service in Canada. Amazon is even promoting this as a way to compete with cable TV in Canada. Amazon has not announced a launch date other than to say it is coming soon.

Pluto TV Latino - Viacom is planning to launch a Pluto TV version for Spanish speakers. According to reports, Pluto TV Latino will launch sometime in the summer of 2019 and could be live as soon as this month.

Pluto TV Worldwide - Viacom has also announced plans to roll out Pluto TV into new markets around the world. Pluto TV is expanding into the EU, and you can expect even more markets to launch at any time.

Amazon Prime Video on Android TV - Amazon has confirmed that Amazon Prime Video is coming to Android TV this summer.(Some Android TV players already have a dedicated Amazon app, but most do not support an official Amazon app.) It is very possible that Amazon Prime Video will hit all Android TV players as soon as this month.

New TV Tech

The Hisense ULED XD is essentially two LCD panels bonded together, and then smooshed into a TV the same size as the one you currently have. Throw in the company’s proprietary chipset, a bunch of buzzwords, and a whole mess of secret sauce and you’ve got something remarkable. Hisense says this technology will offer blacks as dark as midnight on a moonless night and the brightness of today’s LCDs — all at the cost you’ve been craving. If it’s true, Korea’s powerhouses should be trembling. So how did the Chinese company do it?


Locast - Watch Your Local Broadcasts for Free

Locast is a not-for-profit service offering users access to broadcast television stations over the internet. We stream the signal over the Internet to  select US cities. We are trying to help

broadcasters reach people just like you over the internet.

Current Cities include - Denver, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston

The difference between and the defunct Aereo is that Locast does not charge you for the service. They are a non-profit and as such the Supreme Court has ruled that it is legal for Locast to rebroadcast the over the air signals. The have a donation page where you can sign up for what you want but it looks like the lowest donation available is $5 a month. 


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