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Podcast #901: Samsung’s The Wall Luxury 

Samsung just announced their “Wall Luxery” display technology will be available in July of this year. Maybe they will announce a “Wall Economy” for mere mortals some day. We also discuss if Samsung Smart TVs are a security risk to your network and is it worth studios time and money to give old movies the 4K Treatment?

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Samsung: Important to scan your Samsung TV for malware & viruses

Samsung recently tweeted:

Scanning your computer for malware viruses is important to keep it running smoothly. This also is true for your QLED TV if it's connected to Wi-Fi! Prevent malicious software attacks on your TV by scanning for viruses on your TV every few weeks. Here's how 👇

— Samsung Support USA (@SamsungSupport) June 17, 2019

The tweet has since been removed but we felt that this really begs the question, Did Samsung make a case for not connecting your Smart TV to the Internet?

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 4K Ultra HD Survey

SONY is running a survey on its website soliciting information about what we’d like to see in 4K. The movies are old because all new titles are released in 4K whether the movie would benefit from 4K or not.  We discuss if this is even necessary and ask who is going back and replacing their HD discs with 4K or whether a 4K treatment would get you to spend your money on a title that you passed on in HD

Samsung’s announces The Wall Luxury (UK)

Samsung Electronics announced that the hotly anticipated luxury display, ‘The Wall Luxury’, will be available to order in July 2019. A breakthrough innovation in home entertainment, The Wall Luxury redefines the category, offering discerning customers the ultimate display solution fit for any luxury residence.

With versatile modular LED panels, The Wall Luxury can be customised to fit any luxury home environment, going beyond the standard 16:9 ratio to occupy unusually shaped flat walls, pillars or even door frames. With customised shapes, The Wall Luxury can fit into inspired and unusual locations, transforming residences and offering unprecedented premium viewing experiences.

The Wall Luxury features two distinct modes giving people the flexibility to use their bespoke display solution as an immersive way to enjoy entertainment or create a stunning visual canvas for their home.

Entertainment Mode

In entertainment mode, The Wall Luxury delivers total immersion, allowing people to enjoy incredible visual experiences across a range of media. From watching a movie in striking colour and contrast to taking gaming to new heights, The Wall Luxury delivers the best picture in any light.

Ambient Mode

When it’s not being using for entertainment, The Wall Luxury becomes a visual backdrop, allowing people to view art, picture or immersive scenes like never before. With Ambient Mode1[1], The Wall Luxury becomes a digital canvas, letting people create striking centrepieces that bring any room to life. It’s Infinity Design and Décor Frame create a display that complements any space and only stands out when directed. With an almost edgeless display and a slim design, The Wall Luxury oozes sleekness and blends completely with its surroundings.


The Wall Luxury will be available to order from July 2019, to find out more visit The Wall Professional, a large scale display for luxury flagship stores to corporate headquarters, is also available to order.



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Reader Comments (2)

In your segment on Sony's 4K movies choices, I have to disagree with one aspect on your view. I perceive 4K UHD as a format that translates the look and feel of film to our tvs with the least amount of compression and artifacts. It also allows the inherent grain of film to be transferred at the higher possible resolution, meaning what we see on our 4K screens is closer to what one would see watching the original film stock. From that perspective, any film benefits from a 4K scan. This is the primary reason why many companies today scan in 4K, even thought they may not release it in the 4K UHD format. I welcome any film that can be viewed in a format that has the least amount of compression from the original source.

June 21, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRobert

FLYTUNES for sharing Bluetooth audio on a plane.
Never used it myself it was talked about on MacBreak weekly .

June 22, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

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