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Faux Barn Wood Speakers SOLD!


But I am happy to make more. Email if you are interested. I can customize to fit your needs!

I tried an experiment with my latest speaker build. I used new wood but tried to make it look old. They look good but sound even better. Driver is the the Markaudio Pluvia Seven 4” full range. The cabinet is .4 cubic feet (11 liters) and stuffed with polyfill. I went with two vent tubes just for looks. I could have gone with a single larger vent tube. The specs one the driver are:

Revc = 7.2 Ohm
Fo = 67.863 Hz
Sd = 50.27 cm2 
Vas = 5.543 Ltr
Cms = 1.545m M/N
Mmd = 3.356m Kg
Mms = 3.561 g
BL = 3.968 TM
Qms = 2.391
Qes = 0.695
Qts = 0.538
Levc = 35.057u H
No = 0.241% 
SPLo = 85.843 dB 
Pwr = 22W Nominal
X Max = 4mm 1 way 



These speakers sound fantastic and I was pleasently surprised by the bass. In both how low and how tight it is.

There is a cosmetic issue with one of the drivers. I have been using these for some time and one of them has a minor ding on the frame. It does not affect sound performance. I am offering these for the price of the parts plus shipping. The drivers were $90 and the wood for the cabinet was $65. My goal is that I can get back what I put in and make some more. This is a fun hobby but my wife understandably does not want me just making speakers for the heck of it. So for $155 plus shipping you can have a one of a kind speaker that will sound and look awesome in your home!!

Email me at if you are interested.


 AraFaux Barn Wood Speakers made from Poplar

Surface has been "weathered" with a wire brush

Gold plated spring-loaded terminals. Accepts up to 8 gauge wire.

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